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Help your team save valuable time with simple, yet powerful contract management software enabling them to import, draft, review, track, sign and analyse contracts at scale.

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AI Contract Analysis

Extract & Analyse Your Contracts Information

It is easier than ever to upload and analyze all your existing contracts - fynk kickstarts your digital contract workflows!

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One Software - all contracts

Let your contracts work for you

Contracts are created for people. So is software. All too often though, outdated software slow us down. Our contract management software fynk changes that: powerful templating, dynamic and conditional content, electronic signature, real-time collaboration and many integrations. Get ready to get it done, faster than ever.

Create beautiful, re-usable contracts

Define layout and content and automate contract creation at scale with the contract management software fynk. Ensure that structure and terminology stay on brand and aligned across your organization.

Template creation

Create templates for all your recurring document types: contracts, proposals, quotes, etc. - re-usable for your team.

Layout editor

Design on brand layouts that follow your CI and can be filled with any content - as traditional documents or websites.

Collections and appendices

Bundle contracts together or add appendices. Make sure that references always stay up to date and nothing is missing.

Content library

Build a library of recurring text sections or contract clauses that can be used in multiple contracts and are centrally maintained.

Fill contracts with dynamic data

Let users create contracts by simply filling out a form, or let external users fill out a questionnaire. Or simply pull data from external sources like your CRM, directly in the contract management software fynk.

SmartBlocks and SmartConditions

Insert pre-defined variables to be entered or altered and apply conditional rules for things like optional sections.

Renewals reminders and contract value

Track when contracts need to be renewed, set up reminders and keep oversight of the value at stake.

Unbreakable numbering and referencing

Choose your favorite format and don't worry about numbering ever again. All references update automatically.

Advanced party handling

All data about parties included in the contract stays up to date, changes can be synced back to your CRM.

Save real time in real-time

Work together with your team or external users to review contracts, approve them, comment or propose changes. fynk ensures with its contract management software that everybody involved stays in sync.

Real-time collaboration

You have control over who can edit and see when they are making changes. Changes are synced to your screen.

Comments and proposals

Let others comment on contract sections or propose changes to their content. Reply, agree, resolve, repeat.

Contract wizard

Need some information from an external (or internal) party? Present them a beautiful questionnaire before showing the contract.

Self-service contract forms coming soon

Let internal and external users create their contracts on their own by providing a simple form on your website.

Secure approval and version tracking

Contract management software fynk gives you full insight into and control over what is happening to your contract, when. Involve as many people as necessary, without losing the oversight.

Flexible approval checkpoints

Freely define and automate when a contract and its content need to be approved and by whom.

Transparent version tracking

Easily compare different contract versions and ensure you never overlook an important change.

Comprehensive audit log

Each activity happening in a contract's context is logged and securely stored for later reviews.

Extensive role and access management

You have granular control over what internal and external users can view and do at which stage in a contract's lifecycle.

Native electronic signatures

E-signing a contract needs to be as easy as one, two, three, whether on mobile or desktop. fynk's contract management software provides a simple and secure e-signing experience to everyone you do business with.

eIDAS-compliant electronic signatures

Provide a secure digital signing process for contracts that meets the required standard: SES, AES or QES.

Guaranteed contract integrity

Our WYSIWYS (what-you-see-is-what-you-sign) mechanisms ensure that people can only sign what they see on their screen.

External contracts

Upload any external contract as PDF, DOC(X) or image file with the same state-of-the-art signing process.

eIDAS clickwrap widget coming soon

Integrate our widget in your website, software or app to reliably document the terms a user accepted when using it.

Data-driven contract review and analytics

AI-driven analytics, before and after

Leverage powerful AI technology throughout the contract lifecycle. The result? Faster results, more focus and powerful insights - directly in your contract management software fynk.

Automated contract analysis

Reduce busywork and speed up entire teams by auto-analyzing contracts and identifying critical sections.

Customizeable guidelines

Compare each new contract against pre-defined sets of rules. Our semantic engine takes care of language nuances.

Comprehensive analyses

Powerful analytics help you optimize your workflow and provide detailed insights into the contracts you are working with.

Your workflow. Supercharged.

Reduced costs compared to manual processes
Saved time when processing contracts
Faster deal-closing time

Designed for the World, made in Europe

When it comes to doing business, location plays an important role. Our contract management software, has been tailored specifically for the requirements of European businesses.

100% protected and GDPR-compliant

fynk's contract management software was built to keep your data safe. From hosting over product architecture to audit-proof storage, you can rest assured that your business will remain protected with enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliant.

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Connected to the tools you love

Extensive integrations connect your existing CRM and other workflow tools to fynk's contract management software and help you accelerate your business even further. Create, edit, track and sign contracts starting directly from the setup you already love.

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One tool. Every team.

Use cases by team

See how the contract management software fynk can supercharge the everyday work of different teams across your organization.

One tool. Every document.

Use cases by document

Discover how you can use the contract management software fynk to accelerate your workflow for the common types of business documents.

Boost your productivity. Get started with fynk today.

Companies using fynk's contract management software get their work done faster than ever before. Ready to give valuable time back to your team?

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