Contract management software to 100% automate HR documents Software for HR documents.
More time for talent.

Hiring employees is difficult enough, even without all the administrative work and paperwork. Simplify every aspect of an applicant or employee’s lifecycle with document automation - from hiring to retirement! With fynk’s contract management, your HR team can create, send, sign and store documents in a single location. All in bulk, too.

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Focus on people, not paperwork

Fast-growing companies don't have time for contract administration in multiple systems and administrative overhead. Create error-free documents in an instant with fynk's contract management and leverage seamless integration with HR tools to ensure consistent data and a smooth and automated workflow.

Candidate experience

Deliver a great candidate experience

The competition for talent is getting tougher. Leave the right impression on employees and candidates by digitizing your HR document workflow. Always provide a consistent, on-brand candidate experience with a comprehensive drag-and-drop document builder that makes all your documents look professional and that can be quickly customized within fynk's contract management software.

Tracking & reminders

Never miss a deadline again

Automatically remind an employee or applicant when a contract needs to be processed or a signature is due. Track the status of each contract using markers and custom workflows in a centralized contract management system. Your employees will thank you.


Generate and electronically sign HR documents at scale

Have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of documents automatically generated with a few clicks and digitally signed in seconds by employees or applicants. Manual document processes are time-consuming, complex and error-prone. Speed up your processes with our contract lifecycle management software to increase productivity and get more done in less time.

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One tool. Every document.

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