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One Software - all contracts.
Forget Word & Excel.
Let contracts work for you.

fynk lets you automate the entire contract lifecycle. It allows you to create, edit, review, approve, electronically sign, analyse and manage contracts from start to finish in a flexible, easy-to-use contract management. fynk gives you complete visibility, control and governance over all of your company's legal documents. From anywhere, at any time, in your browser.


Automate contracts, maximize focus

Effortlessly create flexible templates for the most common contract types in fynk's dynamic contract management. Enable your teams to self-generate their own legally compliant and error-free contracts in seconds and send them to the client for editing and digital signature. Use it to speed up your processes, increase your productivity, and focus on what matters most.

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Simplified collaboration, dynamic permissions

Review and revise contracts together in real time in a central contract management and stay informed about the current status with automatic reminders. Flexible role concepts and dynamic permissions let you collaborate with both internal and external parties and conveniently maintain control over who can see and edit what, and when. Contract management has never been easier.

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Identify risks, minimize errors

Analyze contract data automatically, evaluate it with AI-powered full-text search, and visualize it - all in one centralized contract management. This better insight into your contracts helps you identify compliance risks, cost overruns, and business risks faster. So turn your contract management and the insights it provides into your business advantage.

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Leverage AI to review contracts

Let our AI technology check contracts automatically and compare them against predefined policies. Get a list of critical contract content in seconds and uncover hidden obligations instantly. This saves valuable time and you always know exactly what you're signing up for.

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Automate commitments, set up reminders

Automate your contracts and keep track of renewals, termination dates, and renegotiations thanks to our centralized contract management. Get automatic reminders when a contract is due to be processed or an electronic signature is due, and track the status of each contract using markers and custom workflows.

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Seamless integration, increase productivity

Sync fynk's contract management with your CRM to create a single source of truth and process data seamlessly and automatically across systems. This eliminates the need to double-check important contract data while reducing sources of error. Manual copy and paste becomes a thing of the past. Speed up your processes so you can increase productivity and get more done in less time.

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Your workflow. Supercharged.

Reduced costs compared to manual processes
Saved time when processing contracts
Faster deal-closing time

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Companies using fynk's contract management get their work done faster than ever before. Ready to give valuable time back to your team?

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