Fill contracts with dynamic data

Let users create contracts by simply filling out a form, or let external users fill out a questionnaire. Or simply pull data from external sources like your CRM, directly in the contract lifecycle management software fynk.

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SmartBlocks and SmartConditions

Insert pre-defined variables to be entered or altered and apply conditional rules for things like optional sections. Customize workflows to your organization's exact business process requirements. Empower your teams to generate error-free contracts in no time with fynk's contract lifecycle management software.

  • High-volume contract generation with zero error
  • Enabling employees to generate contracts independently
  • Error-free and legally compliant contract generation

Renewals reminders and contract value

Track when contracts need to be renewed, set up reminders and keep oversight of the value at stake with our contract lifecycle management software. Auto-alert your team in advance of important contract milestones or renewal deadlines without crowding their calendars.

  • Easily keep track of upcoming renewals
  • Set auto-reminders so you never miss an important date
  • Valuable insights with configurable reports and dashboards

Unbreakable numbering and referencing

Choose your favorite format and don't worry about numbering ever again with fynk's contract lifecycle management software. All references update automatically. Reduce time and effort to bring the right structure into your contracts.

  • Automated updating of references
  • Save time and reduce effort in contract generation
  • Avoid numbering errors

Advanced party handling

All data about parties included in the contract stays up to date, changes can be synced back to your CRM. Easily automate contract generation based on deal stage updates in your CRM with our contract lifecycle management software.

  • Ensure that customer data stays in sync with your contracts
  • Auto-generate contracts directly from your CRM
  • Two-way API for custom implementations

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