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Work together with your team or external users to review contracts, approve them, comment or propose changes. fynk ensures with its contract automation software that everybody involved stays in sync.

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Real-time collaboration

You have control over who can edit and see when they are making changes with threaded commenting and built-in redlining. Get real-time notifications and updates to eliminate confusion about version. Flexible roles and permissions within fynk's contract automation software allows you to collaborate with anyone.

  • Collaborate with anyone from in- and outside your organization
  • Maintain granular control over visibility and permissions using roles
  • Real-time editing lock and updates prevent conflicting changes

Comments and proposals

Reply, agree, resolve, repeat - let others comment and respond right in the contract or propose changes to their content to get contracts completed faster. Delegate tasks, establish due dates, and monitor development to avoid missed deadlines or inactivity with our contract automation software.

  • Comment and respond via threaded conversations
  • Propose changes or review other user's proposals
  • Keep track of resolved comments and proposals in the version history

Contract wizard

Need some information from an external (or internal) party? Present them via our contract automation software a beautiful and dynamic questionnaire before showing the contract. It has never been easier to set up a contract automatically.

  • Create dynamic questionnaires for external (or internal) users
  • Define who will enter which information before the contract is created
  • Give external users the option to invite colleagues to view and sign

Self-service contract forms

Let internal and external users create their contracts on their own by providing a simple form on your website. Save time and reduce errors by using intuitive questionnaires to auto-generate new contracts within fynk's contract automation software.

  • Embed a contract creation form directly on your website
  • Send e-mail links that lead to a contract creation form
  • Include conditional logic in your forms

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