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Discover fynk - Your solution for effective contract management. From drafting to archiving - benefit from automated creation, intelligent analyses, and extensive notifications that ensure compliance and minimize risk. Make your contract management more efficient and secure with fynk, we’re revolutionizing your contract processing!

Web-based Proposal Creation Software

Create Offers Directly in Your Browser

Discover the flexibility of proposal creation with fynk, the web-based software solution that simplifies the process of creating, editing, and managing your proposals. Accessible directly in the browser without any installation, our software solution allows for a seamless and secure creation of proposals, backed by our ISO 27001-certified server infrastructure in Germany. Experience how fynk revolutionizes proposal creation software.

  • Browser-Independent Use: Ready to use immediately without additional software
  • Data Protection Compliant: Servers in Germany for maximum data security
  • Accessibility: Supports flexible working models and home office solutions

Collaboration for Your Proposal Processes

Speed Up Team Coordination

Take advantage of collaboration in fynk's editor and experience a new level of teamwork in proposal creation. This feature facilitates joint editing and promotes immediate collaboration between team members, helping to finalize offers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

  • Teamwork with Notifications: Enables seamless collaboration
  • Versioning: Changes are tracked, and versions can be easily restored
  • Shortening Feedback Cycles: Accelerates the process from draft to approval

Contract Management with Custom Templates

Standardized Templates Meet Individual Customization

Boost your efficiency with fynk’s available contract templates and customize them as needed to accelerate the proposal creation process. The use of predefined templates ensures consistent quality of your contract documents and supports a quick and professional proposal creation.

  • Individual Customization: Easy modification of templates according to your requirements
  • Time Saving: Quick creation of documents with predefined standards
  • Consistency: Ensures uniform contract contents and formats across all departments

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Conversational Forms for Intuitive Proposal Creation

User Guidance That Leads to the Goal

Redefine interaction with your clients with fynk's conversational forms. This user-friendly approach ensures a natural data collection process and enhances user experience, leading to more accurate and personalized proposals.

  • User Guidance: An interactive Q&A system guides through the proposal creation
  • User Engagement: Increases interaction and data accuracy with a conversational experience
  • Personalization: Allows for a customized proposal form for every customer

Automated Approval Workflows for Proposals

Clear Processes for Quick Decisions

Structure your proposal creation with fynk's automated approval workflows. From creation to release, our software ensures that every step in the proposal creation is tracked, approved, and documented, enhancing efficiency and building trust with your clients.

  • Automation: Workflow automation for efficient proposal approval
  • Transparency: Clear overview of approval processes and status
  • Control: Complete tracking of changes and adjustments in real time

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Contract Management Software of the Future

An intuitive, web-based editor and smart AI contract tools make collaboration as easy as never before. Multi-level electronic signatures ensure the necessary compliance and security. fynk transforms your contract management!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

fynk is a SaaS solution that digitalizes and automates the entire lifecycle of contracts, from proposal creation to contract management. It allows for centralized management of all contracts, automated reminders for important deadlines, and delivers real-time reports to bring efficiency and clarity to the contract management process.

Yes, fynk allows you to create and customize your own contract templates, supporting quick and consistent drafting of contracts for recurring business processes.

Absolutely! With fynk, teams can work together, making changes visible immediately and improving internal coordination.

Approval workflows in fynk automate the approval process, documenting each phase and offering clear and transparent management of the proposal creation.

Yes, fynk provides simple, advanced, and qualified electronic signatures to meet a variety of requirements and legal conditions.

fynk employs ISO 27001 certified servers in Germany and offers end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of your data.

fynk supports multilingual capabilities, making it ideal for international teams, currently especially in English and German.

With fynk's audit trail feature, you can log every action in the system and thus always have the status and history of each contract at a glance.

Yes, the special markup mode allows third parties to be safely involved in the contract negotiation process to provide suggestions and comments.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager is available to all fynk customers to provide support and ensure you get the most out of our software.

Yes, fynk offers automated reminders for contract deadlines and tasks to ensure you are always up-to-date.

fynk offers seamless self-onboarding, enabling you to get started quickly without complex installations.

Yes, fynk offers powerful analytical tools to create real-time reports on your contract data and make informed decisions.

fynk supports Single Sign-On (SSO), providing a seamless and secure user experience, allowing you to log in with your company accounts.

We at fynk are always ready to accommodate your individual requirements. Contact us, and we will strive to find a tailored solution for you.

Yes, fynk allows for the export of contract data in various formats to support easy processing and archiving.

With fynk's integrated task management and contract calendar, you keep an eye on all important dates and tasks, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Definitely. fynk's analysis functions offer profound insights into contract data, helping you to base business decisions on solid data.

fynk provides extensive resources and personal support to train your team and ensure the most effective use of our contract management platform.

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