Data security is our top priority.

Built in Europe, fynk's contract lifecycle management software is GDPR compliant by design. We constantly review and update all technical and organizational measures that protect your data. Best-in-class support can provide assistance whenever needed. Let's make information security a priority together!

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Secure infrastructure

fynk's contract lifecycle management software was developed in Europe and is DSGVO compliant from the ground up. uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) services as its hosting provider. All customer data is stored on an ISO/IEC 27001 certified server in Frankfurt (Germany) and the data never leaves the EU. The server infrastructure meets our high requirements for physical data security.

Access to data

All customer data can only be read after proper authentication at the respective database system. Legally, our customers remain the sole owners of all their data and the responsible party in the sense of Art. 24 EU-DSGVO. fynk will never pass on customer data to third parties under any circumstances.

What that means for you
On the part of fynk, only authorized and trained employees have event-related access to your fynk account. This is necessary to support the initial setup and the processing of service requests.

Availability & backup

We continuously monitor uptime to be prepared for potential issues. fynk performs regular full backups to external servers to prevent data loss. Customer data is always transmitted over a secure communication channel and encrypted accordingly.

What that means for you
We guarantee 99% availability of fynk on an annual average. This does not include times when the server cannot be reached due to technical problems beyond fynk's control (in particular force majeure and fault of third parties) or planned maintenance work.

Data protection & GDPR

fynk complies with all relevant data protection regulations, in particular the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and thus meet the highest standards for data protection and data security. All technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of data processing are subject to continuous review and regular updates.

What that means for you
fynk consistently follows the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. To ensure security in all processing procedures and internal operations, we regularly train our employees and have appointed an external data protection officer.

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