Contract management software for finance & operations teams Compliance for contracts.
Full control over risks.

Monitor compliance and expenses across the enterprise with a centralized contract management software. fynk gives you AI-powered complete control over all contract data, analytics and reporting in just a few clicks and in real time. Knowing and monitoring your contract risks has never been easier.

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Identify and minimize risks

Automatically analyze, evaluate and visualize contract data - all in one contract management software. This greater insight into your contracts allows you to quickly identify compliance risks, cost overruns, and business risks. Thus turn your contract management and the insights it provides into your business advantage.


Use a single source of truth

Synchronize fynk's contract lifecycle management with your CRM to get a single source of truth and synchronize data seamlessly and automatically across systems. This eliminates the need to double-check important contract data while reducing sources of error. Manual copy and paste is a thing of the past. Speed up your processes so you can increase productivity and get more done in less time.

Tracking & reminders

Never miss a deadline

Automate your legal obligations and keep track of renewals, termination dates, and renegotiations thanks to our centralized contract management. Get automatic reminders when a contract needs to be processed or a signature is due and track the status of each contract using markers and custom workflows.

Analytics & reporting

Analytics at your fingertips

Store every agreement and data point in our secure, cloud-based contract lifecycle management software. Instantly find the information you need with AI-powered full-text search, and our advanced reporting capabilities automatically analyze valuable contract data to help you stay on top of all contractual risks. Optimize your contract management and get more out of your agreements.

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