Secure approval and version tracking

Contract management platform fynk gives you full insight into and control over what is happening to your contract, when. Involve as many people as necessary, without losing the oversight.

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Flexible approval checkpoints

Freely define and automate with our workflow builder, when a contract and its content need to be approved and by whom - directly via our contract management platform fynk. Adjust approval workflows for each contract in accordance with the precise needs of your business processes to get contracts approved quickly.

  • Build a complex approval workflow without coding skills
  • Set a specific order for approvals
  • Let single users or entire teams approve - via any device

Transparent version tracking

Gain total control over all your contracts' history. Easily compare different contract versions and ensure you never overlook an important change. See who has opened, viewed and applied changes with our contract management platform.

  • Keep track of external users engaging with a contract
  • See all contract changes logged in one central spot
  • Maintain full access and visibility control also for version tracking

Comprehensive audit log

Maintain compliance with an event-based audit log within fynk's contract management platform. Each activity happening in a contract's context is logged and securely stored for later reviews. Instantly respond to queries and lower your legal risk.

  • Keep permanent, fully secured activity records
  • Comprehensive audit trail for every contract and template
  • View full contract content for any activity or point in time

Extensive role and access management

You have granular control over what internal and external users can view and do at which stage in a contract's lifecycle. You define via our contract management platform when and how internal and external users are supposed to be involved in the contract lifecycle.

  • Smooth collaboration through simple access and visibility handling
  • Suitable for both internal and external users
  • Create and manage your own set of roles and permissions

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