We put the [do] in documents.

We empower businesses to make contract management their competitive advantage. Their teams use fynk to create beautiful and re-usable contracts, fill them with dynamic data and conditional logic, collaborate and sign in real-time, while delivering a best-in-class experience to their customers.

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Let's face it: contracts cause frustration too often. Layouts break, countless version are being sent around, the content contains mistakes, people lose the overview. But this can be fixed. And that is what we do at fynk.

Portrait Constantin Wintoniak Constantin Wintoniak Founder of fynk

Why we built fynk

Working at their previous company, the founders of fynk realized that contracts had become a problem. Sales and marketing teams needed to send large numbers of individualized contracts to customers. However, creating these contracts, getting their content approved and collecting signatures took too long. In addition, people quickly lost track of the status of their contracts. Hence, contracts were either delivered too late or full of mistakes. Both outcomes left customers dissatisfied.

It was this personal experience that started it all.

When the founder team set out on a trip to work on their coding skills, the idea to build fynk was finally born. In a hyper-modern concrete mountain chalet surrounded by the splendid Italien dolomites, work began in November 2021 and we laid the foundation for what we hope will soon become the world's leading platform for contract management and automatization.

Vienna, Austria

Meet our founding team

  • Portrait Constantin Wintoniak

    Constantin Wintoniak

    Founder / Head of Product

  • Portrait Dominik Hackl

    Dominik Hackl

    Founder / Head of Technology

  • Portrait Markus Presle

    Markus Presle

    Founder / Head of Growth

Frequently asked questions about the company

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Why did you name your product fynk?
The answer is surprisingly simple: It's short, catchy and includes a lot of cool hints at what we do. "FY" as in "for you", "ynk" as in "ink" or "inclusive". It also sounds a lot like the German word "flink", which means "quick" or "speedy". You might notice that our logo resembles an origami bird (mostly because that's one elegant use for all the paper that you will save using fynk). For an explanation why we picked a bird, read the next answer.
How do you pronounce fynk?
The correct pronounciation is /fɪŋk/, which sounds the same as "fink", and old-school US English term originally used to describe non-members of fraternities and later as a synonym for informants and labour spies. Although the word is of uncertain origin, it is most likely related to the German word "Fink", which translates to the English "finch", given the earlier meaning of the word most likely as an allusion to the wild bird in contrast to the caged canary.
Are you an e-signature tool?
Yes and no. We are an e-signature tool, but not exclusively. fynk supports teams to get things done faster and work together throughout the entire lifecycle of a contract, starting with layout and content and ending with signature (if needed).
Which countries are you operating in?
We currently focus primarily on European countries, as we are based in the heart of Europe. However, fynk is delivered via a high performance cloud architecture and available in English, so it can be used from anywhere in the world.

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Contact us

fynk GmbH
Heinrichsgasse 2/1/8
1010 Vienna, Austria

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