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fynk’s contract management gives your sales reps the autonomy they need to successfully negotiate contracts - pre-screened dynamic templates, predefined conditions, automated workflows and efficient approval processes make it possible. Your sales reps spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time winning customers.

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Fully automated contracting

You no longer have to wait for legal to approve standard terms and conditions or manually create standard contracts such as NDAs or DPAs. Sales reps can use dynamic templates and pre-tested terms and conditions to generate the contracts themselves through fynk's contract lifecycle management and send them to the customer for editing and signing.

Collaboration & e-signature

Simplified approval and signing

Necessary coordination with legal departments or the customers can be carried out in real time via the comment and edit function as well as via approval processes in the contract management system fynk. Flexible roles and permissions allow you to collaborate in a targeted manner, and thanks to the integrated e-signature function, customers can sign from anywhere and on any device.

CRM integration

Connected to the tools you love

Easily connect your external CRM system with our contract management system to automatically synchronize data across systems in real time - so your sales reps don't have to switch between different tools. It has never been easier to generate the most complex contracts legally compliant and error-free with just a few clicks.


Full overview, automated reminders

Stop worrying about what happens to your contracts after you send them. Activity logs tell you when your document was opened, edited and signed. Keep track of important events such as renewal deadlines or contract validity periods and set up automated reminders. fynk's contract management system makes it possible.

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