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Upload a contract or use our samples to get a detailed analysis of the data within. With fynk it is now easier than ever to kickstart digital contracting workflows.

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What our customers appreciate about fynk...

fynk gives you the tools for your success

End complicated contract processes. Our platform provides you with all the tools you need to quickly create, manage, and digitally sign contracts. Enjoy the freedom to work more efficiently and reach your goals faster – fynk is your partner for business success.

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Sign digitally with security

Say goodbye to paper and pen and welcome the era of digital signatures – secure thanks to state-of-the-art encryption, swift through instant sending, and flexible because you can do it from anywhere.

Close contracts faster

Take the opportunity to create and conclude contracts in record time by using intuitive tools and automated templates that simplify the process.

Analyze documents with AI

Rely on AI-powered analysis tools to gain deep insights into your contracts, identify risks early, and leverage optimization opportunities.

Data-driven contract review and analytics

AI-driven analytics, before and after

Leverage powerful AI technology throughout the contract lifecycle. The result? Faster results, more focus and powerful insights - directly in your contract management software fynk.

Automated contract analysis

Reduce busywork and speed up entire teams by auto-analyzing contracts and identifying critical sections.

Customizeable guidelines

Compare each new contract against pre-defined sets of rules. Our semantic engine takes care of language nuances.

Comprehensive analyses

Powerful analytics help you optimize your workflow and provide detailed insights into the contracts you are working with.

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