AI-driven analytics.
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fynk leverages AI to support you throughout the contract lifecycle. Identify contract risks early on based on pre-defined guidelines and generate in-depth reports on the performance of your templates and team activity at the touch of a button.

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Understand contracts easily

Automatically analyzes contracts using semantic AI technology to create a digital listing of critical contract content in seconds. fynk's contract management solution provides you with an instant overview of the most important content. This saves valuable time and allows you to focus on critical issues during negotiations.

  • Automated summary of critical contract content
  • Generation of a to-do list for negotiations
  • Focus on the most important content

Digital contract guidelines

Each new contract can be compared against your predefined digital contract guidelines. Any deviating wording is automatically flagged and highlighted within the contract management solution, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

  • Fast and consistent contract review
  • Reduced risk, increased compliance
  • Customizable digital contract guidelines

Self-learning guidance for your process

  • Understand

    fynk's contract management AI uses pre-built legal terms to understand the nuanced legal language in each contract - even if the meaning is there, but the word choice used is not.

  • Compare

    A semantic matching-engine compares each new contract to all signed contracts within fynk's contract management solution, identifying which phrases are more common than others.

  • Learn

    As your business grows, your contract management software learns to understand your contracts and helps your identify critical sections early.

Comprehensive analyses

Powerful analytics provide greater visibility into your contracts, the time that is being spent reviewing them, the resulting cost and ROI, as well as the most frequent issues that arise through problematic clauses. Monetary contract values or end dates can be used to identify opportunities and risks as early as possible - directly in the contract management solution of fynk.

  • Improve your contracts through analysis
  • Maintain full overview over contract risks
  • More objective decision-making

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