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fynk’s digital signature solution offers seamless security and efficiency. Our technology simplifies contract processing, improves compliance, and revolutionizes document management. Begin your digital transformation with fynk and say goodbye to your stack of papers!

Online Signature

Sign digitally quickly and easily

fynk revolutionizes the signature process: With our online signature feature, you can digitally sign documents quickly and effortlessly. Our tool makes signing contracts and documents easier than ever, so you have more time for what matters.

  • Simplicity first: Get started immediately without any installation or complicated setup processes
  • Speed: Sign documents in seconds and forward them
  • User-friendliness: An intuitive interface accessible to everyone

No Delays

Workflow & Collaboration

Optimize your workflows and enhance teamwork with fynk. Our platform supports a smooth workflow and facilitates team collaboration, making delays a thing of the past.

  • Efficient workflows: Automate approval processes and minimize waiting times
  • Collaboration tools: Comment, share, and edit documents together in real time
  • Status updates: Stay up-to-date with notifications on the progress of your documents

Legally sign online

eIDAS compliant electronic signatures

With fynk, your digital signatures are not only simple but also legally binding. Our platform is fully compliant with eIDAS regulations for electronic signatures, allowing you to rely on the legal validity of your digitally signed documents.

  • eIDAS compliance: Full compliance with European standards for electronic signatures
  • Legal binding: Create legally binding digital signatures recognized worldwide
  • Security: Advanced encryption technologies protect your documents and signatures

Sign from anywhere

Sign at home, in the office, and on the go

With fynk, you're no longer bound to one location to sign important documents. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go – you have the freedom to sign wherever you are.

  • Mobility: Sign documents from any device – mobile or desktop
  • Flexibility: Access your contracts anywhere and sign without losing time
  • Accessibility: A cloud-based solution that allows you to act anytime and anywhere

All-in-one Platform

External contracts: upload, send, and sign

fynk offers a comprehensive solution for your contract management. Upload documents, send them for signature, and sign – all in one place. Even external contracts can be seamlessly integrated and processed.

  • Centralized management: All your contracts and documents neatly in one place
  • Integration of external documents: Easily upload and manage third-party documents
  • Comprehensive platform: From uploading to sending to signing – fynk simplifies every step

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Which Signature Level Do You Need?
fynk has them all.

Simple Electronic Signature

Simple Electronic Signatures (SES) are a straightforward solution for digitally signing documents, enabling fast and secure contract conclusions. SES is integrated into fynk to provide you with a direct and simple way to accelerate your business processes. With this feature, you can sign contracts and other important documents anywhere and at any time with just a few clicks. fynk not only ensures speed but also the legal validity of your electronic signatures. This saves you time, reduces paperwork, and allows you to focus entirely on the growth of your business. Discover the efficiency of fynk through the power of Simple Electronic Signatures.

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Advanced Electronic Signature

Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) offer a higher level of security for your digital signatures by establishing a unique connection between the signature and the signer. This type of signature is supported by additional validation processes that verify the identity of the signer and provide stronger legal validity. AES is integrated into fynk to offer you and your business partners additional security during contract signing. With AES in fynk, you can be confident that your documents are not only signed quickly and easily but are also protected through strong authentication. Experience the next level of digital signature security with fynk.

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Qualified Electronic Signature

Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) are the most secure and trusted form of electronic signature. They meet the highest standards for security and legal recognition in the European Union and beyond. QES are based on a secure signature creation device and strict identity verification of the signer by a trusted certification authority. fynk provides you access to this highly secure signature technology, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your business documents. With fynk and QES, you can conclude international contracts with full legal validity, offering you and your partners maximum security and trust worldwide. Use fynk to integrate the highest level of security and trust into your digital transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

fynk is an innovative contract management SaaS platform that simplifies the digital signing process. With its online signature feature, fynk enables fast and effortless digital signing of documents. The platform stands out for its simplicity, speed, and user-friendliness, requiring no installation or complicated setup processes.

fynk enhances the efficiency of workflows and team collaboration by automating approval processes, minimizing waiting times, offering real-time collaboration tools for commenting, sharing, and editing documents, as well as status updates to track progress, thereby eliminating delays.

Yes, digital signatures created with fynk are fully eIDAS compliant and thus legally binding. fynk conforms to European standards for electronic signatures, ensuring the legal validity of digitally signed documents is recognized worldwide. Moreover, the platform secures your documents and signatures with advanced encryption technologies.

fynk supports a wide range of signature levels to accommodate different requirements. These include the Simple Electronic Signature (SES) for everyday applications, the Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) for higher security demands, and the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), offering the highest level of security and legal recognition.

With fynk, you can sign documents from anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. The platform allows you to sign documents from any device – mobile or desktop – and provides flexibility and accessibility through its cloud basis, enabling you to act anytime and anywhere.

fynk serves as a comprehensive solution for contract management by enabling the uploading, sending, and signing of documents in one place. The platform supports centralized management of all contracts and documents, as well as seamless integration and editing of external contracts, thereby simplifying every step of contract management.

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