Native electronic signatures

E-signing a contract needs to be as easy as one, two, three, whether on mobile or desktop. fynk's contract management system provides a simple and secure e-signing experience to everyone you do business with.

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eIDAS-compliant electronic signatures

Provide a secure digital signing process for contracts that meets the required standard: SES, AES or QES. Directly embed eSignatures in your contracts and use with our contract management system one tool for the whole process.

  • Sign digital contracts with maximum speed and security
  • Full compatibility with eIDAS identity verification
  • Works on any desktop or mobile device

Guaranteed contract integrity

Obtain documentation of who opened, viewed and signed a contract received with the audit trail of key actions within out contract management system. Our WYSIWYS (what-you-see-is-what-you-sign) mechanisms ensure that people can only sign what they see on their screen.

  • Guarantee that contracts contain the same content for everyone
  • Track who opened, viewed and signed and prevent subsequent changes
  • 256-bit encryption throughout the contract lifecycle

External contracts

Upload any external contract as PDF, DOC(X) or image file with the same state-of-the-art signing process. Ensure that even external contracts are securely stored in one central contract management system.

  • Consolidate your e-signing process into one single, unified workflow
  • Effortlessly upload and sign .PDF, .DOCX and other file types
  • Apply coherent security and safety standards to all contracts

eIDAS clickwrap widget

Integrate our contract management widget in your website, software or app to reliably document the terms a user accepted when using it. In cases where many people need to agree to the same standardized contract, clickwrap significantly speed up the agreement process and limit the legal risk without impacting conversion or customer experience.

  • Create accessible, mobile-friendly one-click agreements
  • Complete control over your standardized online terms
  • Notify users and re-obtain consent after updates

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