Document management system (DMS)

Document management systems (DMS) are used for digital archiving and management of electronic documents.

What is a document management system?

Document management systems (DMS) are used for digital archiving and management of electronic documents. It typically integrates various document management technologies to form a central digital archive of documents, invoices, emails, etc. Sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is mostly used to digitize paper documents. The document management system stores additional information about documents such as document type, creation date, stored keywords or even the complete text. With this information, documents can be retrieved at any time.

With electronic document management systems, documents are not only archived, but also managed. This includes, for example, automatic or manual distribution of files to specific employees, access monitoring, file annotation, file processing, linking, history and other functions. In addition, the document management system supports workflow so that documents can be sent in the correct chronological order to the appropriate employee or department for processing. To ensure security when accessing documents, every document management system has a corresponding rights management system. This defines access rights for individual users and user groups.

Document management systems offer the following advantages:

  • Quicker access to information and documents
  • Higher effectiveness
  • Fewer missing files
  • Central availability of corporate knowledge
  • Eliminate distribution copies
  • Transparency in the use of information
  • Implement and monitor quality management policies
  • Access documents from anywhere, even when they are “in process
  • Largely eliminate monotonous filing activities

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