What is DMS software?

The term DMS solution is short for “document management system solution” and such a DMS software is used to create, share, organize and archive documents. The DMS software streamlines these processes to improve a company’s productivity in managing files digitally. Centralized electronic storage makes documents and information easy to find, saving time to focus more on a company’s core tasks.

What are the benefits of a DMS software?

Using a DMS software brings many invaluable benefits to a company and its employees. The following are some of the key benefits that come from using a DMS software:

1. Centralization of document management

A DMS software digitally streamlines the management of all of a company’s documents. This eliminates the need to manually manage and file documents in filing cabinets. With a DMS software, files can be easily organized using tags and categories. When searching for a specific file, a full-text search can be applied for this purpose or filtered extensively. This shortens the entire process from several minutes (and sometimes even hours) to a few seconds.

2. improved collaboration

Collaboration between teams is one of the core functions of a dms software. The ability to view and edit a document at the same time as other team members reduces the time required for routing and enables real-time updates for all parties involved. Setting deadlines and receiving reminders saves time and improves annual review processes.

3. increase data security

Documents need to be protected at all times. Many DMS software do this by implementing role-based access control that allows only certain users to access individual documents. The manager can grant access and approve the actions one is allowed to perform, such as viewing, editing and releasing the document. It also lets you know who has viewed the document and who has made changes to the file history. The documents are also protected from disasters, fires and floods as they are stored securely in the DMS software.

4. faster retrieval of files

With a suitable DMS software, it is enough to use a keyword or key phrase to find a specific file instead of searching through a large stack of paper in a filing cabinet. In addition, the appropriate DMS software can be used remotely, making it location-independent from the use of the documents.

5. reduction of the ecological footprint

Going paperless is a more environmentally friendly option. Using a DMS software minimizes waste of paper and ink and reduces the need for multiple devices to print and scan documents. Being environmentally conscious has become a top concern for most businesses and consumers. This makes a DMS software an important step towards paperless offices.

What are the functions of a DMS software?

Below we have listed the most important functions of modern DMS software:

Document storage

Archiving files in a single DMS software to easily retrieve, store and share them for future use. Centralizing this process ensures that relevant information is immediately available when needed.

Security and access control

Prevent unauthorized access by using role-based permissions for file entry. Some dms software also restricts IP addresses. This ensures that only the right people can open, view and modify certain files.

Version control

Maintain control over versions of documents without having to manage multiple copies of a single document, and you can view all versions created.

Indexing and classification

Systematically classify files within the dms software to quickly and easily find them again at a later time.

Bulk upload

In most cases, documents are created in large quantities. Uploading them individually is time-consuming. With the DMS software, they can be uploaded all at once, which is much more efficient.

Document editor

Adjustments and changes to a text file are very easy with a modern DMS software. One can digitally make text, text fields, images and other adjustments at any time.

Mobile application

Access to files and documents is possible at any time from anywhere via a cloud-based DMS software. This also simplifies document capture and enables quick and easy file uploads.

File synchronization

Synchronize online files with copies of documents stored in an individual operating system. This is important for keeping teams up to date with the latest documents.

Audit trail

This feature of a DMS software refers to the path of a document in its lifecycle and allows users to generate detailed reports on the processing path. This audit trail includes the user’s name, date and time of file access, the type of action performed, and includes comments from the user.


The benefits of a paperless DMS software are numerous. As a result, it has become a must for modern organizations to implement document management systems in order to be or remain agile and effective.

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