fynk launches on ProductHunt a Product of the Day!

We are thrilled to announce the public launch of fynk! Our hard work has paid off, earning us a top position in ProductHunt’s prestigious Product of the Day competition.

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Ready, set - launch: fynk is officially live

On May, 14th 2024 we here at fynk celebrated our public launch. After two years in beta with long nights developing the product and countless hours spent talking to our early customers, we publicly entered the global startup stage and put ourselves on the map!

Launching on ProductHunt

One place to launch, that was dear to our hearts, was ProductHunt, the industry-wide recognized competition of early stage startups and ambitious web projects. With 24 hours of time the goal is to gather feedback and votes from the community, which can make or break ideas. And fynk delivered!

A total of 564 votes and over 200 exclusively positive comments propelled us to the podium and sent a signal that startups around the globe support our mission of contract workflow revolution. With a 20x increase in signups and prospects vs. any normal we celebrated our highest activity so far!

fynk becoming ProductHunt Product of the Day #2

Some launch statistics

Even more important we added 2.000€ to our MRR on the launch day alone and could triple our daily website traffic. Thanks to our placement as product of the day #2, we could also secure a spot in ProductHunt’s newletter, which brought in another big batch of new visitors, doubling the overall launch traffic.

Total upvotes during the twenty-four hour window

Total comments during the twenty-four hour window

Upvotes per hour during the twenty-four hour window

It went so well, we even had to increase parts of our infrastructure mid-launch to accommodate for the increased interest in our now publicly testable AI contract analysis. Mind-blown.

Scaling our infrastructure with the increasing numbers of users

Thank you!

Launching is also a great time to reflect on how far we have come as a team. From the early days of sleepless nights working on the foundations of what makes fynk, to the busy preparation of launch postings for which we needed to reduce everything we already offer into short, little tweets. A moment during which you realize what we have already achieved together.

But our eyes are already set on the next milestones, and before we get back to serving our customers with the dedication and fire this launch has stoked up even further, we want to extend our gratitude. To all the customers, VCs, interested visitors, companions and last, but definitely not least, the community members of ProductHunt who celebrated our launch with us and put their trust in our service – thank you!

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