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Signature field

A signature field allows you to add a blank digital signature form field to a document. When a signer clicks on the field, a dialog opens and prompts the signer to co-sign the file.

What is a signature field?

A signature field can be used to capture typed or handwritten electronic signatures. Electronic signatures within a signature field are legally binding according to the European eIDAS regulation.

How can a signature field be created?

Most contract management systems or electronic signature software offer functions to simply insert a signature field digitally into documents or contracts. By inserting it, all parties to a contract can see at a glance where to sign.

Adding a signature field to a PDF file

If no software is used to capture the electronic signature, it is also possible to insert a signature field in a PDF. The following are the steps for adding it to a PDF:

  1. open PDF
  2. select “Forms” from the menu on the right side.
  3. click the “Create” option from the “Forms” menu.
  4. a pop-up window will appear. If you want to add a signature field to the current document, select “Existing”. Select “Next” for the current document. 6. Click OK. 7. Select “Add New Field” from the task menu. 8.
  5. select “Digital Signature” a. When you move the mouse back over the document, a blue signature field will appear. b. A yellow field will prompt you to enter a “Field Name” that you label with the name of the party you want to sign, e.g. “Department Head Signature”. This is helpful if you want to add more than one signature field to your document. You can also specify if it is a required field for your document; if so, you can check the box. c. Once you have named the signature field, click on the page to add it to your document. You can now move it to the desired location in the document. Save your document.

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